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Playa del Janubio

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Playa del Janubio

Quiet beach with beach bar Playa del Janubio, Spain

Playa del Janubio

playa del janubio

Playa del Janubio

Playa del Janubio beach  ratings:-

6/10 – Overall rating

6/10 – natural beauty
1/10 – swimming safety
7/10 – access and parking
4/10 – water quality and clarity
0/10 – local amentities
1/10 – entry and exit from water
2/10 – crowd factor
1/10 – Marine life and snorkelling

Drive times

40 minute drive time from Costa Teguise
25 minutes drive time from Puerto del Carmen
20 minutes drive time from Playa Blanca

Overview of Playa del Janubio

Playa del Janubio is a long black sand beach on the West Coast of Lanzarote.
Its is pretty but great care must be taken if entering the sea as large waves and strong currents exist.

Getting to Playa del Janubio

The best way to get to Playa del Janubio is by car. Drive along the LZ-2 to the small village of La Hoya then follow the road to the coast. There is a large and free car park adjacent to the beach with plenty of space to park.

About Playa del Janubio

Playa del Janubio is a 700 meter long black sand beach. Whilst the beach looks pretty take great care with the sea here. The West facing beaches of Lanzarote pick up a lot of swell or wave energy from the Atlantic. The waves at this beach can be huge. Large waves create strong and dangerous currents. Take great care if entering the sea. There is no lifeguard on this beach and even strong swimmers can get in trouble.

The Playa del Janubio beach is rugged black sand with plenty of room to sunbath.
This is a nice place to walk and explore.

When the large ocean waves hit the beach in Winter they create a great site.

This West facing beach has some amazing sunsets.

Playa de Janubio creates a natural barrier keeping the water for the Laguna de Janubio in.
For hundreds of years this salt water lagoon has created a salt industry. Hundreds of small ponds are filled with the salt water from the lagoon. As the sun evaporates the salt water from the ponds natural sea salt is left behind, harvested and sold.

Salinas del Janubio

Salinas del Janubio

Facilities at Playa del Janubio

There are no shops, toilets, bars or restaurants at the beach so remember to take everything you need with you. Water, towels and sun cream are especially important. When walking across this black beach use foot wear as the sand can get very hot and burn your feet.

Nearby Places of Interest

Los Hervidores – Amazing natural rock formations with dramatic waves crashing into coast.

El Golfo – Quaint Lanzarote fishing village with lots of great restaurants.



Free Parking
1 Review
  • "Long black rugged beach"

    Lanzarote has so many different modes and aspects.
    The mode of Playa Janubio is deep and brooding.
    Great place to walk and explore with a large inland lake and salt plant next to it.

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Playa del Janubio, Spain

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