No.1 most popular place to stay in Lanzarote Puerto del Carmen playa del pozo No. 2 most popular place to stay
Playa Blanca
Costa Teguise No. 3 most popular place to stay

Three most popular places to stay in Lanzarote

The three most popular places to stay for a holiday in Lanzarote are Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise. The island attracts visitors all year round due to the great weather and warm seas.

Most tourists visit Lanzarote in Summer but every month of the year is popular in Lanzarote.

The reasons Lanzarote remains popular all year are:-

• Most Southern European destination, meaning good warm dependable weather all year.
• Lanzarote is part of Spain meaning in Europe, regulated and safe.
• Currency is the Euro
• Direct flights from all over Europe normally only four hours
• Great beaches with warm water all year
• Main resorts English speaking
• No poisonous or dangerous animals

The main tourist resorts of Lanzarote are:-

Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen is the most popular place go on holiday in Lanzarote. Puerto del Carmen was the first established tourist destination.
Puerto del Carmen has become popular for many good reasons. The town is close to the airport. A taxi journey from Lanzarote airport to Puerto del Carmen takes on ten minutes.
Located on the South East coast of Lanzarote Puerto del Carmen has incredibly reliable warm weather. Sheltered from prevailing winds and bad weather that hits the West coast then dissipates before arriving in Puerto del Carmen.

Puerto del Carmen beaches

There are nine beaches in Puerto del Carmen. No matter where in Puerto del Carmen you have your holiday accommodation there will be a beach close by. There is a beach front promenade in Puerto del Carmen that runs from the Playa Grande beach in the South all the way past every other beach and on to the airport, Arrecife ending at Costa Teguise. The promenade is accessible by foot and bicycle.

Puerto del Carmen is very accessible via the beach road or ‘The Strip’. The full length of town has one long road from the starts in Matagorda and runs all the way to Los Fariones in the South. Access to Playa Chica and the Old Town of Puerto del Carmen is just a little further South.

Puerto del Carmen has the most going on for any Lanzarote tourist destination. The full length of town along the beach road is lined with bars, restaurants, shops, banks, themed bars, clubs and much more. Puerto del Carmen is the party town of Lanzarote and receives over one million visitors per year. Total tourist arriving in Lanzarote per year are three million. Well over half the visitors in Puerto del Carmen come from the UK.

Speaking English in Puerto del Carmen. The majority of visitors to Puerto del Carmen are from the UK. All local businesses speak a good level of English. You will not need to speak any Spanish to have a good holiday in Puerto del Carmen.

Playa Blanca

After Puerto del Carmen Playa Blanca is the next most popular place to visit in Lanzarote.

Playa Blanca is located on the Southern tip of Lanzarote. The drive from Lanzarote airport to Playa Blanca take forty minutes.

The town is well laid out with good parking and access to all of its facilities. There are two lovely and safe beaches in town.
In the centre there is a pedestrian only shopping precinct.

Playa Blanca has a sea front promenade stretching the full length of town from the El Faro lighthouse to the West up to the Papagayo beaches to the East.

Like Puerto del Carmen Playa Blanca town grew from a fishing village.

Playa Blanca is more spacious than Puerto del Carmen averaging larger accommodation. The average tourist visiting Playa Blanca is older than those visiting Puerto del Carmen

There is a port in Playa Blanca with regular ferry services to Correlejo in Fuerteventura.

Playa Blanca beaches:

Playa Blanca beaches number two but just outside town are the amazing beaches of Papagayo

Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise is one of the most popular places to go on holiday in Lanzarote. The most popular tourist destination is Puerto del Carmen then Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise have similar amounts of holidaymakers.

Costa Teguise in the only purpose planned and built tourist resort in Lanzarote. Originally the are was mainly used for salt reclamation from sea water. The first hotel was the Melia Salinas hotel. Playa La Cucharas, Playa Los Charcos and Playa Jablillo are all man made beaches. The sand was specially brought in to create the lovely golden sand safe beaches.

Costa Teguise being pre planned has very good road networks and distribution. Access and parking are all good.

Costa Teguise has some night life and late bars in the centre of town.

Types of accommodation vary from hotels and apartments for luxury villas. There is something to suit everyone in Costa Teguise.

The full length of Costa Teguise, like Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca, has a sea front promenade stretching from the North of Costa Teguise to the South end of Costa Teguise. There is also a cycling and walking route that continues via Arrecife, Playa Honda and on to Puerto del Carmen.

The beaches in Costa Teguise are safe with good access, clear seas and warm water.

Tourist Guide to Lanzarote

Use the wealth of information here to get the very most from your holiday in Lanzarote.

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