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SCUBA diving in Lanzarote

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SCUBA diving in Lanzarote

Wing Foiling in Lanzarote Playa Chica, Puerto del Carmen
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SCUBA diving in Lanzarote

scuba diving in Lanzarote

scuba diving in Lanzarote

Lanzarote has good SCUBA diving conditions all year round. There are numerous places to dive all around the island.
There are lots of dive schools to help you learn to SCUBA dive Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a volcanic island surrounded by rocks and reefs.
The sea bed has very little silt meaning the visibility is good.

The water visibility is often up to and over 40 meters. Warm sub tropical waters mean a wide variety of marine life for the Scuba diver to see

Places to SCUBA dive in Lanzarote.

On the whole the dive sites in Lanzarote can be divided into three areas:

Scuba diving sites in the south of Lanzarote:-

Playa Blanca has some great diving. Scuba diver skill level can be from almost beginner to medium experienced. Dive depth does not exceed 18 meters. Dives in this area can be from a boat or from shore but most often to save time dives start from a boat.

Diving in Playa Blanca is more consistent than other areas of Lanzarote due to its South the South East facing coastline. The South of Lanzarote is protected from the Northerly prevailing winds and Westerly swells, this means visibility and safety are often very good. There are fewer divers in the Playa Blanca area.

Playa Blanca SCUBA diving sites:

Playa Blanca Atlantic dive museum

Playa Blanca Atlantic dive museum

Playa Blanca Atlantic dive museum

Playa Blanca has the unique underwater Atlantic Museum. The diving museum was commissioned by the local government. The Atlantic SCUBA diving museum consists of many underwater statues and sculptures that attract the fish. Divers can swim amongst the sculptures near the almost tame fish. Maximum dive depth is just 15 meters. The white sand bottom, sculptures and range of marine life make it an exceptional location.

Playa Flamingo
Lovely beach start location. Swim out the bay then descend into fish paradise. See fish like barracuda’s, stingrays, angel sharks, tunas and much more.

This Scuba diving site is located at the Eastern end of Playa Blanca. A large sandy area leads onto a rock wall which is home to a large variety of Marin life.

Papagayo Beach
This is the most Easterly beach of the Papagayo Beaches. This sheltered cove has great diving almost everyday. The waters here are home to many colourful fish including Parrot Fish, Sea Horses, Angel sharks and many more.

Other diving locations in Playa Blanca include:-
Montana Roja, The Pechiguera Lighthouse, Punta Berrugo and Timanfaya.

SCUBA diving in Puerto del Carmen

Dive to depths of 20 meters and More. Access via boat and from the shore. Experience level required, low to medium.

Puerto del Carmen is a popular diving location on the South East coast of Lanzarote. The SCUBA dives start at a 15 meter depth then a drop off wall descends to 40 meters. The dives here are best suited to the more advanced diver.

There are some great underwater features to explore in the area.

The best known dives sites in Puerto del Carmen are:-
– The Blue Hole
– The Cathedral
– Los Pecios
– Waikiki
– The Eye
– The Arches
There are many more dive sites found up and down this coastal section of Lanzarote.

North East Coast of Lanzarote around the Mala area:-

This area can offer amazing SCUBA dives on the right day. The coast around Mala is more exposed to rough seas so is not always accessible for diving.
The coastal shelf descends down to around 50 meters. At this depth appears a large area of black coral plus an abundance of marine life. Due to the depth of the dive and local conditions this dive is recommended to experienced and more expert divers.

Learn to SCUBA dive in Lanzarote

If you wish to go Scuba diving in Lanzarote there is a great selection of professional and experienced dive schools in all the main tourist resorts of Lanzarote.

A general guide to scuba diving prices in Lanzarote is:-

Experienced SCUBA divers with all equipment, guide and transport is around 50 euros per dive from the shore and 70 euros from a dive boat. Discounts are available if you book multiple dives.

Beginner SCUBA diving courses in Lanzarote cost from around 90 euros for a pool dive and a sea dive with all equipment and instruction included. Allowed ages are from 8 years old and up.

SCUBA diver course with 3 pool dives, 2 sea dives, theory course and final certification to dive up to 12 meters costs around 300 euros.

Open Water SCUBA diving course for diving up to 18 meters. Course included 5 pool dives, 4 sea dives, exams and certification cost is around 450 euros.

Lanzarote is a great place to SCUBA dive. With the dependable conditions, clear water and good weather learning to SCUBA dive in Lanzarote is quick and easy.
Once you are a certified diver you can dive from just 40 euros per dive.
Enjoy the freedom of the sea and the amazing Lanzarote marine life.













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  • "Clear warm seas full of fish"

    We come to scuba dive in Lanzarote every year.
    There is always a good place to dive.

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