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timanfaya national park
Timanfaya Nationalpark, Carretera Montañas del Fuego, Tinajo, Spain

Timanfaya National Park was violently born of fire, eruptions, volcanoes and molten lava some 300 year ago....

El Golfo Lanzarote, Avenida Marítima, El Golfo, Spain

El Golfo town is a slice of relatively unspoilt and traditional Lanzarote. See the Green Lagoon, east fish and take a walk along the coast....

marina rubicon boats
Marina Rubicon, La Marina, Playa Blanca, Spain

Marina Rubicon in Playa Blanca is a great place to moor a boat, enjoy the sea front restaurants, bars and shop and take in the...

femes church and street
Femés, Spain

Femes is a traditional Lanzarote town steeped in history with a well kept town centre and a great look out point with views to Playa...

playa quemada first and main beach
Playa Quemada, Calle del Toscón, Yaiza, Spain

Playa Quemada is a world apart from the rest of Lanzarote. This small sleepy town has a uniquely relaxed atmosphere. Noted for sea front fish...

Museo Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo 2
Castillo de San José, Arrecife, Spain

Castillo de San Jose is a beautiful historic Lanzarote Castle given new live by Cesar Manrique as an Art Gallery and restaurant with amazing views...

Playa BASTIAN, Avenida del Mar, Teguise, Spain

Playa Bastian is a nice sheltered beach and favourite with the locals. ...

Caleta de Famara, Teguise, Spain

La Mar cafe is a relaxed healthy eating restaurant in Famara just next to the beach...