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Jameos del Agua

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The lava tube started from the Eruption of the Volcan de la Corona 6 kilometres away. Jameos del Agua, LZ-204, Punta Mujeres, Spain
Open daily from 10am to 5pm

Jameos del Agua

Jameos del Agua pool

Jameos del Agua pool

Jameos del Agua quick facts and ratings:-

8/10 – Overall rating

8/10 – natural beauty
8/10 – access and parking
1/10 – local amenities

Drive times

30 minute drive time from Costa Teguise
40 minutes drive time from Puerto del Carmen
60 minutes drive time from Playa Blanca

Entry fees:

Adults – 10 euros
Children 7 – 12 years old – 5 euros
Children under 7 – free

Opening hours:

Everyday from 10am to 5pm
Additional opening hours on Saturday from 7pm to 1am

Recommended visiting time:

Jameos del Agua and the nearby Cuevas de los Verdes are very popular.
They get busier as the day goes on.
Best to get there near or just after 10am to avoid queues.

Getting to Jameos del Agua:

Get on the LZ1 from Arrieta
Carry on heading North past Punta Mujeres
1 km after Punta Mujeres you will see the entrance on the right
Drive along entrance road for a few hundred meters then park in large car park.

Brief overview of Jameos del Agua:

Jameos del Agua is a stunning naturally formed caved in lava tunnel. The lava tube started from the Eruption of the Volcan de la Corona 6 kilometres away.

The roof of the lava tube collapsed creating this naturally beautiful area.

Cesar Manrique enhance the natural beauty with complimentary structures and this tourist attraction was opened to the public in 1968.

Jameos del Agua in detail:

Jameos del Agua was first formed some 4000 years ago when the eruption of Monte Corona took place. Monte Corona is one of the highest and largest volcanos in Lanzarote. Located near the small village of Yé the eruption dramatically effected the surrounding areas. Lave from Monte Corona flowed in a South Easterly direction to the sea around Jameos del Agua. This long and heavy lava flow created some of the longest lava tubes in the world. When the roof of a lava tube collapses it is known as a Jameos.
So Jameos del Agua translates into English as ‘collapsed lava tube with water’.

In 1967 the famous Lanzarote artist Cesar Manrique started work enhancing the Jameos del Agua into the beautiful tourist attraction seen today.

There are several parts to see at Jameos del Agua:

After parking in the car park you will buy a ticket then enter via some descending steps.

Jameos del Agua water cave and white crabs –

Jameos del Agua cave entrance

Jameos del Agua cave entrance

The First part you visit is the entry cave filled with salt water. The water filled cave is around fifteen meters wide and fifty meters long. There is a path on the left side of the cave that leads to other parts of Jameos del Agua.
The water filled cave was part of the lava tube created by flowing lava from the eruption of Monte Corona six kilometres away.
The huge lava tube filled with sea water is a dramatic thing to see reflecting the power and magnitude of the 4000 year old lave flow. Then take a closer look into the salty water of this isolated cave lake and you will see small blind albino crabs. These crabs are found no where else in the world. The crabs are thought to have been cut off from the sea by the eruptions then somehow survived and evolved in this small lake. Set against the dark volcanic rock its easy to see the small white crabs walking around on the bottom. Take note as you will not see the same blind albino crabs anywhere else in the world.

Jameos del Agua albino crabs

Jameos del Agua albino crabs

The second part to see when visiting is the White Pool of Jameos del Agua.

Jameos del Agua pool

Jameos del Agua pool

The pool was built in the Jameos part of the lava tube, or where the roof caved in. The roof of this section of the lava tube caved in thousands of year ago leaving a large sheltered and sunken volcanic rock area. Cesar Manrique further enhanced the natural beauty by creating a curvy white bottomed swimming pool. Unfortunately swimming in any part of Jameos del agua is not allowed.

The third main part is the Jameos del Agua auditorium

Jameos del Agua auditorium

Jameos del Agua auditorium

The auditorium is used for special events, music, films, art, exposition’s and festivals.

The auditorium is set in a large cave sloping down to the stage. There is seating for 500 people. Each year the Festival of music and visual effect of Lanzarote is held here. The event is held at night and entrance by tickets only. At night amazing coloured lights in the rocks and in the pool create dramatic effects as the rugged lava rocks are illuminated.

Jameos Nights – Weekly evening dining and music event at Jameos del Agua

Every Friday evening you can dine in at Jameos del Agua. Jameos del  Agua really comes to life at night allowing the amazing lighting to take dramatic effect.

You get to enjoy the delights of the Jameos del Agua with fewer people than in the day with the added effects if the night, music food and great lighting.

In Winter bring some warm clothes.

Friday’s at 7pm Jameos del Agua opens to the public for food and music.

Ticket must be booked online in advance and cost from 55 euros per person.
Childrens menus are 25 euros each.

Tables can be booked at this link
Nights at Jameos del Agua

Via the booking website you select the time you want to eat at 30 minute intervals from 6.30pm to 9pm

The dining area is in the Jameo Chico

The evening includes:

A walk around the amazingly lit Jameos del Agua by yourselves

Dining at the Jamoes del Agua restaurant from a choice of meat, fish, Risotto, Noodle and premium menus.

Live music concert starting at 10.30pm with dance floor next to the lake or in the auditorium. Concert ends around 11.15pm.

Live DJ playing music all evening until 11.30pm

Summary of Jameos del Agua

Jameos del Agua is a must see place in Lanzarote. A visit here would last around one hour to take in the unique atmosphere, relax and enjoy what is on offer.

After your visit you can go and see the Cuevas de los Verdes just one kilometre away on the other side of the main road.


Things to see and do near to Jameos del Agua

Here are some great places to visit after exploring Jameos del Agua

Cueva del los Verdes

Cueva de los Verdes cave exit

Cueva de los Verdes cave exit

Cueva del los Verdes is long section of lava tube that you can take a guide walk through.

Jameos del Agua Beach

Peaceful and quiet beach with white sand. Tricky water entry.

La Caleta Beach

La Caleta Beach

Secret lagoon with small beach and few people



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Jameos del Agua, LZ-204, Punta Mujeres, Spain

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